Winning Walk Ministry is a not for profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3).  The mission of the ministry is to provide life change through teaching Biblical principles and applying practical tools to reduce both recidivism and incarceration.


Winning Walk Ministry is actively going behind the barbed wire fences to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.  This is both done locally as well as nationally.




Although the word “yokefellow” is out of use today, the meaning is easily understood. Most of us know a yoke is a device that connects two animals together to increase the power for the work that needs to be done.


Jesus said “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:29-30). From a spiritual perspective, we labor together with the Lord Jesus. Among ourselves, we labor in the gospel.


How does the Yokefellow program function?


If an inmate wants to participate in this program, he/she must complete our “Getting Ready for the Outside” correspondence course or attend a in prison “Getting Ready for the Outside” class and submit a Yokefellow Mentorship Program application.


The application is reviewed and prayed over by Yokefellow Volunteers. A Yokefellow volunteer comes alongside the inmate once he/she is released to assist them during their time of adjustment.


Federal prison System:


We are teaching “Getting Ready for the Outside” to the men and women of Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), Phoenix, located at 37900 N. 45th Ave.  This ten week course touches on subjects as Choices, Planning, Finding a Job, Resume preparation, Housing, Transportation, Working Under Authority, How to Interview, Finances, and Family Relations.

Winning Walk Ministry is also working with the Chaplains by being “small group leaders” for the “Threshold Program,” which is unique in that it encourages the student to address their major life issues from the perspective of their own religious tradition or personal value system.




Winning Walk Ministry has 70 individuals enrolled in our correspondence courses.  We offer “Getting Ready for the outside” to individuals that have less than three years of incarceration.  The course covers things like: planning for the future, choices that I have to make, housing needs, transportation needs, finding a job, resume writing, working under authority, finances, and family adjustments.  All these subjects are vital for them to understand the process for staying out of prison.  And then for individuals, who are doing more time, they can request a

correspondence course for any of the books in the New Testament and we will provide them with lessons.


Most of our enrolled audience is in Arizona.  However; we have received correspondence requests from inmates in California, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, New York, and Virginia.


In-Prison Missionary Program:


This is an endeavor to reach the individuals behind bars.  Our volunteers go in and do a religious service once or twice a week and the total time they spend with the inmate ranges from one and a half to three hours a week.  This is not enough — we need to find mature Christians within the walls that can spend 24/7 with these individuals.


A Christian missionary is someone who takes the message of Jesus Christ to people in another country, a community or culture in an effort to lead others into an authentic personal relationship with God.  An In-Prison Missionary is an inmate — a devoted follower of Jesus, regardless of age, status or situation in life — who accepts personal responsibility for reaching spiritually lost people with the message of forgiveness and a new life through faith in Jesus Christ. An In-Prison Missionary develops an intentional strategy gained at impacting others for Christ in his yard or anywhere within his sphere of influence.



We have eight In-Prison Missionaries.  We try to appoint them in different yards and encourage them to pray, live, serve, tell, and give to the people in their yard. Winning Walk Ministry provides Bibles to individuals that the In-Prison Missionary has directed and also other material that can be used to reach the lost in their yard.


There are approximately 42,000 men and women in Arizona Prisons.  The Institutions release approximately 2100 inmates a month.  Out of those released approximately 52% enter the prison system again within a three-year period.


That’s right; approximately 25,200 ex-offenders are released annually into society and are your neighbors. Within Arizona – County, State and Federal Institutions charter is to incarcerate, not rehabilitate.


We, as Christ’s Church have a great opportunity to take Jesus’ Great Commission right into our neighborhood. I am talking about going into the prisons to present the Good News of Jesus Christ — Jesus Is the Answer!

We are His messengers, we bring the message (our job) and God does the rest.




Winning Walk Ministry needs you! We are in need of Bible Study teachers, mentors, Pen Pals,  Church Service leaders, and contributors.  It costs approximately $3.57 to provide a correspondence course to an inmate.  Why not carry the financial burden of paying for 14 correspondence courses that are prepared and mailed in – right now we have 60 inmates enrolled.  That is a $214.20 monthly obligation we have to the enrollee. If you give $25.00 a month that would take care of 7 correspondence courses and if we get 9 monthly contributors we could meet our monthly expenses and open up enrollment again.


To become part of Winning Walk Ministry, please contact Del Walth at 623-933-8516 or write:


Winning Walk Ministry

PO Box 6122

Peoria, AZ 85385









  Winning Walk Ministry

PO Box 6122

Peoria, AZ 85385


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