In-Prison Missionary Program

Volunteer and help us with the In-Prison Missionary program today!

This is an endeavor to reach the individuals behind bars.  Our volunteers go in and do a religious service once or twice a week and the total time they spend with the inmate ranges from one and a half to three hours a week.  This is not enough — we need to find mature Christians within the walls that can spend 24/7 with these individuals.

A Christian missionary is someone who takes the message of Jesus Christ to people in another country, a community or culture in an effort to lead others into an authentic personal relationship with God.  An In-Prison Missionary is an inmate — a devoted follower of Jesus, regardless of age, status or situation in life — who accepts personal responsibility for reaching spiritually lost people with the message of forgiveness and a new life through faith in Jesus Christ. An In-Prison Missionary develops an intentional strategy gained at impacting others for Christ in his yard or anywhere within his sphere of influence.

We have eight In-Prison Missionaries.  We try to appoint them in different yards and encourage them to pray, live, serve, tell, and give to the people in their yard. Winning Walk Ministry provides Bibles to individuals that the In-Prison Missionary has directed and also other material that can be used to reach the lost in their yard.

There are approximately 42,000 men and women in Arizona Prisons.  The Institutions release approximately 2100 inmates a month.  Out of those released approximately 52% enter the prison system again within a three-year period.

That’s right; approximately 25,200 ex-offenders are released annually into society and are your neighbors. Within Arizona – County, State and Federal Institutions charter is to incarcerate, not rehabilitate.

We, as Christ’s Church have a great opportunity to take Jesus’ Great Commission right into our neighborhood. I am talking about going into the prisons to present the Good News of Jesus Christ — Jesus Is the Answer!

We are His messengers, we bring the message (our job) and God does the rest.


Volunteer and help us with the In-Prison Missionary program today!