The Winning Walk Ministry is a not for profit organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3).  The mission of the ministry is to provide life change through teaching Biblical principles and applying practical tools to reduce both recidivism and incarceration.

To accomplish this mission, the Winning Walk Ministry recruits, trains, and mobilizes volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds and denominations to teach the Pre-Release program to the offenders and provide mentors to the ex-offenders.  The Winning Walk Ministry works hand-in-hand with local churches and organizations to provide Christian fellowship, counseling, and job opportunities to the ex-offenders.

Once an individual is arrested, tried and found guilty of a crime and serve their sentence, 75 out of 100 keep returning to prison within a four year period because of continued illegal activity.

There is no doubt we must continue to incarcerate individuals that participate in illegal activity to the maximum.  Most correctional facilities provide minimum educational opportunities that encourage individuals to step away from crime and become an asset to society.  They provide General Education Development (GED) courses so inmates can receive a high school diploma.  Some of the institutions also provide computer and math courses, and Alcoholics and drug anonymous classes.

These are excellent courses and inmates should be encouraged to expand their minds with knowledge.  However, these courses do not encourage life changing decisions.

“Getting Ready” for the Outside Correspondence Course

jesus1The Winning Walk Ministry has developed a Correspondence course which encourages inmates to make that life changing decision.  The course encourages them to keep away from illegal activity and allows them to become an asset to the community.  This is a faith based course that establishes accountability to God for their actions.

The course covers:

  • Planning for  the future
  •  Choices that I have to make
  • Housing needs
  • Transportation needs
  • Finding a job
  • Working under authority
  • Finances
  • Family adjustments

The course is based on Christian ethics and what God says about each topic.

Yokefellow Program

Also, when you complete the “Getting Ready for the Outside” course, it qualifies you for the “Yokefellow Program.” This program locates a mature Christian on the outside that will be your mentor once you are released.  Ask for Pamphlet 21, “Yokefellow Program.”


  • I Corinthians (13 lessons)
  • II Corinthians (13 lessons)
  • Galatians (6 lessons)
  • Ephesians (7 lessons)
  • Philippians (7 lessons)
  • Colossians (6 lessons)
  • I Thessalonians (7 lessons)
  • II Thessalonians (3 lessons)
  • I Timothy (7 lessons)
  • II Timothy (2 lessons)
  • Titus (3 lessons)
  • Philemon (2 lessons)
  • Hebrews (13 lessons)
  • James (13 lessons)
  • I Peter (8 lessons)
  • II Peter (4 lessons)
  • I John (11 lessons
  • II John (1 lesson)
  • III John (1 lesson)
  • Jude (1 lesson)
  • Revelation (12 lessons)


We also have other free correspondence courses based on New Terstament books.  These courses are great if you want to increase your knowledge and understanding God’s Word.  The courses that are being offered are:

  • Matthew (13 lessons)
  • Mark (13 lessons)
  • Luke (13 lessons)
  • John (13 lessons)
  • Acts (13 lessons)
  • Romans (13 lessons)

To get your first lesson for any of the books mentioned, please write to:

Correspondence Section

Winning Walk Ministry

PO Box 6122

Peoria, AZ 85385

Completion of each book offers you a Certificate of Completion testifying that you have met the Biblical principles and requirements Of the Winning Walk Ministry.