Eletter, August 2014


Eduardo Romo

Eduardo Romo (above) from the Federal Correctional Institution, El Reno, OK is the longest member of our Correspondence Course program. Winning Walk Ministry heard from Eduardo before we were Winning Walk Ministry. Mr. Romo listened to Roger Munchian and me as we did a weekly radio broadcast focusing on incarcerated individuals. At that time we were known as Life Changing Prison Ministry.

Mr. Romo was transferred to El Reno, OK and started communicating with us through our Correspondence Courses. Winning Walk Ministry offers 260 lessons that cover Matthew to Revelation and Eduardo has faithfully taken almost all our courses, which is good because his release date is October 14, 2014. He will spend two months in a Half-way house in El Paso and then out to the community.

I really enjoyed reading Eduardo’s responses to our Correspondence questions and because of his answers; I have seen Eduardo spiritual growth increase tremendously.

I can hear you readers of this ELetter thinking; what happens now, just because Eduardo is released, you drop him?

No, we don’t! It is left up to the individual to continue corresponding with us. We also try to find a “mentor” that comes along side of the ex-offender to help him with the many trials and temptations he is facing. Our encouragement is that they get involved with a local church and become active in Bible Study, fellowship, service and worship. When this happens, they have a tendency to drop us and that is fine because they are in a place where they are spiritually fed and in most cases, they are helping to feed.

Eduardo, as you step out in your new adventure, we at Winning Walk Ministry are praying for you and that God will make divine appointments for you where you are able to share the salvation message.



OTHER WWM ACTIVITIES: A flood gate has opened in our Correspondence Section. We have many new students enrolling and most are from a private institution in Kingman, Arizona. Hopefully, the prison at Kingman will be our feature article for our September ELetter. Are you aware that inmates can get college credits while they are incarcerated? Are you aware that there is a college that holds classes behind the walls and issues certificates in:

  • Christian Knowledge (1 year course);
  • Diploma in Christian Studies (2 year)
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies (3 years)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion (4 years)
  • Bachelor of Religious Education (4 years)
  • Master in Christian Leadership
  • Doctor of Ministry

Hopefully, we will have information on the college and Winning Walk Ministry interaction next month.

In-Prison Missionaries: Winning Walk Ministry is stepping out in faith as we are offering a trial run in the Florence State Prison where the In-Prison Missionary will be teaching a handful of mature Christians on “Leading the Discipleshift.” It course is geared on becoming a disciple-making church. Please pray for Nick Pieck, who will be teaching to course.

I wish to thank you for responding to our need to purchase Bibles. God does provide! He provides just enough to meet our immediate needs. Our September needs have not been met yet, but God will provide through your generosity. You may go to http://www.winningwalkministry.org and use PayPal to make contributions to us or mail your check or money orders to Winning Walk Ministry, PO Box 6122, Peoria, AZ 85385.

Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself….Hebrews 13:3

Help us keep God’s Word available to the incarcerated!

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