Eletter, 1st qtr 2015


WINNING WALK MINISTRY volunteer receives the 2015 Federal Corrections Institute Religious Volunteer of the year Award.

The annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon was held on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at the Federal Correctional Institution with over 100 volunteers and guests in attendance when Tanya Scalf received the volunteer of the year award.

Tanya joined Winning Walk Ministry in July 2012, went through orientation and immediately stepped in as a Group Leader in the woman’s Camp at FCI for the Threshold Program. The Threshold Program is unique in that it encourages inmates to address major life issues from the perspective of the individual’s religious tradition or personal value system.

No sooner had this six month program ended, that she stepped in as an Assistant Instructor for our nine week course entitled “Getting Ready for the Outside.” Some areas that Inmates deal with are choices, making plans, preparing a resume – or for some resumes, finances, and family adjustments. All subjects are Christ centered and inmates are encouraged to include the Creator in everything they do.

Next on the list was “Houses of Healing.” This is a really “deep” course..

Houses of Healing is a course that offers guidance on how to manage stress and transform some of the anger and frustration that is innate to prison life. For the first time, many of the participants find the safety and direction to start recognizing and healing the emotional wounds that fueled their addiction, violence, and criminal behavior.

Tanya brings God’s word to life as she deals with each subject and applies God’s healing ointment where they discover the true meaning of “greater power and freedom” that only Christ can give.

The women at the Federal Prison in North Phoenix are really blessed by Tanya sharing her time with them. And, I am sure that Tanya is also blessed by associating with the women in prison that will be released and be productive citizens in our society.

Winning Walk Ministry thanks you for being a member that makes a difference – your blessings are innumerable.




Winning Walk Ministry’s recidivism study is complete as we looked at three teaching areas.

First, we looked at the individuals that took the Getting Ready for the Outside classroom course, formerly known as the Pre-Release Program that over 1500 inmates attended. Our search showed that none of the attendees returned to prison.

Second, the same course was offered as a correspondence course and 210 inmates took the course. We do have individuals that have taken the correspondence course that returned to prison. We found 21 (10%) have returned to prison. The course is being revised to make a greater reference to God’s word.





Third, we offer 218 lessons of correspondence study dealing with Matthew to Revelation and over 2,000 inmates have taken the studies and none of the enrollees have returned to prison.

Winning Walk Ministry is very pleased with the statistics of individuals not returning to crime. We do not take any credit for this. We give God all the credit – “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

We need to continue reaching out to the inmates.   With your financial help, so far this year, we have sent 51 Life Application Study Bibles and 480 Correspondence lessons. As one of the In-Prison Missionaries wrote me, “as I was waiting by the Mail Distribution Center, I noticed the inmates that received your brown envelopes. I saw smiles that were not there before and I heard yells of joy.” Our envelopes (correspondence courses) are sometimes the only good mail they receive and in most cases the ONLY mail they receive.



We cannot do this without you. Your financial support is vital for us to provide Bibles and Correspondence courses to those in prison. Why not send us a check, great or small to:

Winning Walk Ministry
PO Box 6122
Peoria, AZ 85385

Or  make a donation here.

We are looking to further our outreach into State institutions and volunteers are needed. If God is calling you to teach His Word, why not teach a captive audience! Go to our web site above and volunteer.

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